Salamantiga software solutions

Salamantiga's commitment is to approach technology solutions to all society. To reach this objective, we work on multiple fields oriented to different users and organizations:

Entertainment software for the web and mobiles

Applications markets for the web and mobiles are growing fast in current technological scene. At Salamantiga, we are aware of this and we dedicate our efforts to develope mobile and web applications oriented to leisure and entretaiment.

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Science research modelling software

Salamantiga collaborates with Tyndall Centre on the development of a integrated modelling system oriented to the assessment of the impacts of climate change.

This system is composed of a web portal and different simulation models. The portal allows the configuration and execution of experiments. These experiments integrate simulation models developed by different collaborating organizations like the Universities of Cambridge, EastAnglia, Manchester or Southampton. The portal integrates some tools for data exploitation and data analysis to be used on the different models results.

Thanks to this collaboration, multiple scientific articles have been published, allowing a better understanding of climate change impacts.

For more information about this proyect, please, click here.

Web portals development and maintenance

Beacuse internet visibility is very important for your business, Salamantiga offers you low cost services for the development and maintenance of web portals. To accomplish this goal, we use solutions working on Google Appengine like Vosao CMS.

Appengine offers very low cost when your site has moderate traffic and at the same time it allows you to scale your business if it grows. All of that done quickly and easily.

Vosao CMS makes easy to manage the content of your site and it can be easily extended using plugins. This way, no flexibility is lost in the functionality that can be offered on your web.

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